A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. An excellent haircut completes her style and finishes her appearance. It is important to have a good haircut for so many reasons. For one, it gives a woman confidence. Although I know that self-confidence comes from within, not just from a certain haircut or hair length, having a good cut makes a woman feel good about herself.

Here are top 5 haircuts for women to rock this 2017!


Pixie cuts are timeless and always on demand. It is a great solution for a contemporary woman always on the go. Why? Because it’s pretty and appropriate for hair of any color. It’s also convenient with its minimal maintenance requirements. Pixie cuts for thick hair are full of texture and manageable volume. If you got a hair that’s fine, you may choose the right pixie cut that adds dimension and boost thickness of your short locks. You may pamper yourself in a variety of pixie hairstyles. There are fabulous ideas of pixies for most face shape, including cute pixie cuts for round face.

Cropped bob

Ask your hairstylist for your hair to hit just below your jawline and add a few choppy layers for fullness. It’s a normal bob with the same length all around the whole head and should slightly frame the face under the chin. It is undercut all over. The underneath sections of the hair will be slightly shorter than the sections on top making your hair appear flip under on its own.

Wavy lob

Wavy lob is very feminine and the waves of the hair seem to open the face. The length of the cut hits at the collarbone, with shorter layers falling around the chin.

Modern shag

Modern shag haircuts add your look a stylish edgy twist. A shag is fantastic in any length. Shags are both okay for thin and thick hair, straight and curly. A good shag for thin hair is like your best dress that makes you look unfailingly flawless as it boosts hair volume. Curly shag is great to settle frizz.

Center-parted bangs

Let’s bring back the bangs. Anyone at any age can actually rock this look. The cut is long in the back and shorter in front, with layers that blend the bangs into the rest of the hair.

Hope these top 5 hairstyles help you decide what cut you want for yourself. Just remember before deciding on changing your hairstyle, that your hair is an extension of yourself. It can project an image to the world that can say a lot about you, who you are and what you’re about. Your appearance, say with how you style your hair can definitely affect the way other people perceive you. Your hairstyle can influence the way you feel about yourself.  As I’ve said at the start of this article, it can build up your confidence or can destroy it. Yes, a bad hair day can literally mean a bad day.

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