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These are the top five saddest K-pop songs that every K-pop fan should have heard for once in their lifetime.

1. iKON- I’M OK 

Silence means “please be happy”
Tears mean “I truly loved you”

iKON’s I’m Ok has become one of the most-talked about songs early this year. When iKON released I’m Ok, people from around the world immediately felt the meaning of the song and every lyrics of the song hit the heart of every listener. The lyrics of I’m Ok are like the untold words of every person who’s going through tough times in life. The comment section became a wall for people who is going through depression.

Check out iKON’s I’m Ok below. Don’t miss out the genuine lyrics!


“No one will blame you
It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes
Because anyone can do so
Although comforting by saying it’s alright are just words”

Lee Hi’s Breathe is one of the songs that everyone should know. The song was written by the late SHINee member, Jonghyun. After Jonghyun’s death, the lyrics of the song became even more meaningful as it showed to be one of the messages that should’ve told people what Jonghyun was going through.

When life gets hard and you start to feel like you’re running out of doors to open, the lyrics of Lee Hi’s Breathe will surely touch your heart. To everyone who’s having a hard time in life, you should listen to Lee Hi’s Breathe for once in your life.

Check out Lee Hi’s Breathe below.


Baby I’m so Lonely so Lonely
it seems I am alone
when I see you so tired, to you am I a burden perhaps?
am I too much for you?

Despite the sunshine-like melody of Lonely and the magical voice of SHINee’s late member, Jonghyun, you’ll be surprised how “Lonely” can make you feel while listening to the song. The song became even more meaningful after Jonghyun’s death. The lyrics of the song will hit the heart of people who’s feeling lonely despite having someone in life.

Check out Jonghyun’s duet song with Taeyeon, Lonely:



We’re just sad clowns, tamed and scripted
I’ve come too far. I’M COMING HOME
I wanna go back. To when I was young.

Bigbang’s Loser became one of the most successful songs in 2015 despite being a really odd song. While other songs are uplifting, telling everyone that no one can beat them today, here goes Bigbang releasing a hit song talking about sad reality of life. Who would’ve thought that sometimes, a pinch of reality is just what the K-pop industry, needs?

Listen to Bigbang’s Loser below.


“I’m just livin’ like I used to
My childhood wish
Even though I’m now living
Like the people I used to see on TV
I’m sad for some reason
The loneliness lingers
A part of my heart is empty”

G-dragon, the King of K-pop, is known to have been living a glamorous life for years. The K-pop artist who has been representing Korea for years to the world, just revealed that his life is not perfect just like what other people expected it to be.

While other people are longing for wealth, here’s G-dragon longing for something that no money could ever buy. Love.

Check out a fan made video of G-dragon’s Superstar, below.


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