Treasure September

TREASURE to release the next chapter of their album series this September 18.

TREASURE made their debut with their first single album, THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER ONE, entering various charts globally.

Accumulating more than 200,000 copies of albums in their debut, all eyes are on TREASURE this year as the rookie boy group announced the second chapter of their album.

On the 1st of September, YG Entertainment’s official page teased a “Coming Soon” poster featuring Treasure, hinting the second chapter called “THE FIRST STEP: CHAPTER TWO.”

This time, it has been rumored that the song Treasure will show a sweeter and softer concept compared to their debut hit, “BOY”.

Now, TREASURE is officially gearing up for their return with a brand new song that is for sure to spark fires in the hearts of even more fans across the globe.


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