TREASURE’s official debut album has topped the No. 1 on Album Sales in Korea that was expected to have reached 1 million sales.

YG’s TREASURE album was also ranked at no. 1 on the real-time accumulated sales announced by Hanteo Charts in Korea. The group set a new record of being ranked at no. 1 on the Albums Category of Hanteo Charts through all 3 single albums and their full-length album released since debut.

Furthermore, on Japan’s biggest music platform, TREASURE’s official debut album ‘THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT’ was ranked at no. 1 on the real-time album sales on the date of its release (12th).

With TREASURE’s global popularity, their album sales became a matter of interest. It is because ‘THE FIRST STEP’ series is about to surpass 1M in total accumulated sales.

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