On the recent episode of Video Star, TREASURE’s Jihoon shows several charms and talent together with the other YG artists Suwon and Jiwon from the legendary group Sechs Kies and the super talented Mino from WINNER! Of course, Sandara Park was there as well as she is one of the main hosts on the show.

Jihoon must study his seniors a lot as he imitated several of them perfectly during the episode. The cast and viewers were especially impressed with Jihoon’s impersonation of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s iconic and unique voice!

He also amazingly performed Bobby’s “U MAD” where he totally killed the song’s killing point and Bobby’s husky voice especially the facial expression.

Meanwhile, Jihoon showed off his personal charm and danced to his group’s song, TREASURE’s “I Love You.”

Jihoon has a lot of talent impersonating other artists but also has his own unique charms!


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