Cook Korean Ramyun

Do you love Korean ramyun? This is for you!


You can see it on Korean dramas, and you want to know how they really taste like. Unfortunately, you live outside Korea, and you feel like it’s hard and even expensive for you to get a taste of how Korean ramen tastes like!

Worry no more! We can help you with that!

As I was watching videos on Youtube, I happen to stumble on to this video. I immediately thought to share this video with all of you guys because this is freaking easy and super delicious! Yes, it is the easiest way to cook ramyun!

Okay, before you nag about this instant ramen recipe, why don’t you try this recipe first?! I’ve tried it myself, and I immediately felt like I’m on a date with Lee Jong Suk in South Korea!

It’s easy and won’t even hurt your pocket. Watch this video now!


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