iKON celebrates PiKONic Day with iKONICS.


iKON held another special and unique fan meeting yesterday, August 4, at Hangang Park, South Korea.

While other K-pop groups guard themselves from their intense fans, iKON members treat their fans differently.

During iKONCERTS, it has been known that at the end of their shows, iKON members usually go to all iKONICS, and literally walk and sing just inches away from their fans without no guards.

Indeed, iKONICS are one of the luckiest and calmest fandoms in the K-pop industry.

It’s mindblowing to see how much the iKON members trust their fans for not doing crazy stuff while being close to them.

iKON Bobby also lets iKONICS touch his face during live performances. He also lets iKONICS hold his phone to take a video of him during their performance.

Can you imagine getting the chance to hold your bias’ phone?

Check out some videos of iKON’s PiKONIC day below:



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