Can’t get over with the Chinese series, Love O2O?

The Chinese drama Love O2O is one of the most popular Chinese modern drama in China today, with over 22 billion views online.

The series is about two computer science students from Qing University who found true love through the online game “A Chinese Ghost Story.”

Xiao Nai or Ni Xia Nai He is played by Yang Yang, the number one heartthrob in China today. Xiao Nai is the most popular guy in Qing university and is also the CEO of Zhi Yi technology company.


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Wei Wei or Reed Wei Wei is played by Zheng Shuang. Wei Wei is the most beautiful student in their department. She was dubbed as the second school beauty in the university. Why was she called the second school beauty? Then, it’s for you to find out!


Here are our top picks in the series Love O2O:

  1. The Jealous Xiao Nai

This is what will happen when other people try to flirt with Ni Xiao Nai He’s girlfriend. He was protective, and only him knew about it. Isn’t he cute?


2. Sneaky Xiao Nai

Xiao Nai’s secret ways to get near to Wei Wei. If only Wei Wei knew the real reason why Xiao Nai sat beside her. Ugh! One of the best moments!


3. The Revelation

Xiao Nai finally revealed his self to Bei Wei Wei. This episode is one of the best episodes in the series!


4. The First Official Date

Bei Wei Wei was surprised when Xiao Nai told his best boy friends that he’s busy and that he’s on a date with someone special. Don’t forget that empty bowl of soup! 😀


5. The Official Confirmation

The moment that will surely take your breath away! Bei Wei Wei was surprised when Xiao Nai told her that they are officially together as a couple ever since they became a couple on the online game.


6. The First PDA

Bei Wei Wei tried to escape the attention of everyone, but Xiao Nai just can’t stop his self anymore! He is indeed in love with Wei Wei!


7. Reed Wei Wei’s Revelation

Sleeping Butterfly tricked Wei Wei. She didn’t know that the other members of the guild were there to see her. There were a lot of negative rumors about Reed Wei Wei on the online game but this moment changed everything! They finally got the chance to meet Reed Wei Wei in person! Well, one of the best revenge moments in the series!


8. The Guild Met Xiao Nai

Everyone in the guild wanted to see how Wei Wei’s boyfriend look like. Of course, Xiao Nai’s breathtaking looks blew them away!


9. Recalling The Past

Zeng Shui sent a message to Wei Wei. Zeng Shui tried to flirt with Wei Wei, but unfortunately, Xiao Nai was the one who read his flirty messages. How embarrassing! 😀


10. True Love

All men should know this. This is how a man should take good care of their woman. Xiao Nai has figured everything well in his life. He always knows the perfect words to say!


11. The Proposal

Okay, this is not like the traditional way to propose, but I swear, this is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve ever watched! Xiao Nai is so witty! How can you resist such proposal?! <3


12. The Finale

Okay, this last one is strictly for the adults only. CAN I JUST SCREAM, “OH MY GOSH??????!!!!!!!!”

I guess that explained this part of episode 30 already.


So, what’s your favorite episode in Love O2O? Comment it down below!


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