iKON & Winner
iKON and Winner showed to everyone the spirit of YG family at MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018!


iKON and Winner gave iKONICS and Inner Circles a brighter New Year celebration as iKON and Winner members posted on Instagram a video and pictures of the two groups hugging each other as they welcomed 2019 during the MBC Gayo Daejejun 2018.

This is truly an amazing moment for the two groups and two fandoms since iKON and Winner started together as competitors in the show called WIN (Who Is Next?) and are now both successful as two of the most popular K-pop groups around the world.

Indeed, YG Entertainment is starting the year right by giving everyone this precious reunion of iKON and Winner on stage and especially on New Year’s Eve.

Check out iKON and Winner’s New Year’s countdown below:

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