Every day, there’s a new trend coming and for today we’re featuring cute animal print tights! It has become one of the bestsellers in the market especially in asian fashion. Each style is unique and looks very fun to wear! Cat print is one of the most popular styles today. But if you want to step into the wild, tiger and wolf prints are also available.

The whole trend is a zoo of cuteness and if you you don’t have any idea what outfit to pair this with, here are five tips on how you can wear them!

1. Winter is not experienced all over the world but that doesn’t mean these cute animal print tights can’t be worn. When it’s raining or the weather gets a bit cold, pair these cutesies with sweater and boots. You will brighten up any gloomy day with the fun peeking animal face!


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2. Look classy with a texture ensemble by pairing the tights with a skater skirts or shorts, furry sweater and ankle boots.

3. Soften a dark outfit by layering tights and knee-high socks. Combine it with black shirt, leather jacket and biker boots. If you’re into plaid shirts, pairt with distressed denim shorts and sneakers.


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4. Give life to your high-low dress and short sundresses by adding a pair of cute animal print tights. It works well with any prints especially florals and laces. Finish your look with a suede platform or wedge shoes. For a more girly look, braid your hair or wear a flower crown!

5. Last but definitely not the least, look elegant and cute by pairing the tights with an empire waist dress or a ruffled edge dress. Wear fashionable oxfords and style your hair in a loose ponytail.


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