YG New Girl Group

On New Year’s Eve, YG Entertainment has finally unveiled their most long-awaited new girl group.

After all the delays, YG Entertainment is finally ready to unveil their newest girl group six years since Blackpink’s debut.

YG Entertainment will be debuting seven girl trainees from South Korea, Japan, and Thailand. Rumored trainees who will debut in the new girl group are: Canny and Pear from Thailand; Haram, Dain, and Ahyeon from South Korea; and Rora and Asa from Japan.

In a YouTube video that YG Entertainment called “YG Next Movement,” YG artists like Winner, AkMu, and Blackpink revealed their thoughts about the new girl group as they’ve seen these seven girls endured heavy training under YG Entertainment.

Blackpink Lisa has shown to have been involved in the dance training of the new girl group where Lisa revealed that the Thai member of the group really wants to be like her. She even revealed that all members go along together.

YG artists have revealed that the talent of this group is incredible that it’s very rare to find in Korea’s entertainment industry.

Fans became more thrilled upon hearing YG artists’ feedbacks regarding the new girl group. Knowing that YG artists have high standards when it comes to music, the fans were already convinced that the new girl group will introduce the new YG to the world.

Check out YG Next Movement below.

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