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YG Entertainment officially released Treasure’s first teaser for 2020.

YG Entertainment is finally giving update about their newest boy group that are set to debut real soon.

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Treasure, who originally had 13 members, are set to debut with 12 members only as Ha Yoonbin was revealed to have left the group due to musical differences.

YG Entertainment revealed that Ha Yoonbin left as he thinks that he doesn’t fit Treasure’s musical direction.

Now, Treasure is left with 12 members:

  • Choi Hyunsuk (최현석) – Rapper
  • Park Jihoon (박지훈) – Vocalist
  • Kim Junkyu (김준규) – Vocalist
  • Yoshinori (요시노리) – Rapper
  • Mashiho (마시호) – Vocalist
  • Yoon Jaehyuk (윤재혁) – Vocalist
  • Asahi (아사히) – Vocalist
  • Bang Yedam (방예담) – Vocalist
  • Kim Doyoung (김도영) – Vocalist
  • Haruto (하루토) – Rapper
  • Park Jeongwoo (박정우) – Vocalist
  • So Junghwan (소정환) – Vocalist

Are you excited to see Treasure’s debut? 

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