YG Entertainment
YG Entertainment reveals some of their new female trainees in their new show, “YG Future Strategy Office (FSO).”


YG Entertainment’s new female trainees became a part of Seungri’s new show, YG Future Strategy Office (FSO).

Some of the trainees were already revealed to the public, like Lee Chaeyoung, Moon Sua, and Denise Kim.

Moon Sua participated in Unpretty Rapstar. Lee Chaeyoung started in the talent show K-pop Star.

Denise Kim was rumored to have left YG Entertainment before the release of the show.

However, there are new trainees that were spotted in the show. No one knows their names yet but they really are gorgeous, tall, and have a small waist just like Blackpink members.

Check out YG Entertainment’s new and former female trainees below.

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