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YG Entertainment is indeed dominating YouTube’s Top 5 Most Followed K-Pop artists’ channels, Big Hit also follows.

Here are the Top 5 Most Followed K-pop Artists’ Channels on YouTube:

  1. Blackpink

    YG Entertainment’s 2-year-old girl group is dominating YouTube in just a short period of time. In just 2 year after debut, Blackpink’s official channel already gained 18,608,819 subscribers as of writing. Blackpink surpassed BTS and Psy’s channel in just a short period of time. Blackpink is also the youngest K-pop channel in this list.

  2. BTS

    BTS, Big Hit’s only boy group before TXT’s debut and who are known for their huge fanbase, follows Blackpink in the list. BTS official channel, 5 years after debut, has already gained 15,287,985 subscribers as of writing this article. BTS created a lot of records on YouTube and has been creating a huge buzz for their massive YouTube views.

  3. Official PSY

    Though PSY already left YG Entertainment and already built his own entertainment company called “P Nation,” most of the videos under Official Psy’s channel was created under YG Entertainment. The former YG Entertainment solo singer has been the biggest Korean artist who swept the world by storm with “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman.” Both songs reached more than BILLIONS of views, the only K-pop songs that reached this massive achievement. Official PSY’s channel already gained 12,582,473 subscribers on YouTube.

  4. Bigbang

    Bigbang, the King of K-pop, is the first ever K-pop group who created an official YouTube channel back in the days before YouTube views’ craze. Bigbang is one of the pioneering groups in YG Entertainment. Despite being a group from the second generation, Bigbang is still able to maintain their status in K-pop even 13 years after their debut. The fact that they’re still at the top even after 13 years is quite rare and incredible amidst the competitive industry of K-pop. Bigbang’s official channel already gained 10,791,755 subscribers on YouTube as of writing.

  5. iKON

    iKON is the youngest boy group from YG Entertainment that surprised everyone in the year 2018. From just 1 million subscribers on January 2018, iKON surprisingly reached 4,807,728 subscribers as of writing this article. In just a year, iKON’s subscribers on YouTube rose to more than 300%. iKON’s official channel is by far the most promising K-Pop channel this year.

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