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Why is YG Entertainment one of the most successful entertainment companies?

Despite all the scandals revolving around YG Entertainment, people still couldn’t deny the fact that YG Entertainment is truly a trendsetter in the Korean music industry.

Check out YG Entertainment’s Top 5 Biggest Contributions To K-pop:

5. First-ever Fandom Lightstick in K-pop

YG Entertainment’s Bigbang is the group to have the first-ever lightstick in K-pop. Bigbang’s Bang Bong is a yellow-crown lightstick in K-pop with 5 points, representing the 5 member of Bigbang. Bang Bong was designed by G-dragon.

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4. First-ever Group to Hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube

YG Entertainment’s Blackpink is the first-ever K-pop group to achieve 1 billion views on YouTube with their song Ddu-Du Ddu-Du. Blackpink, who just debuted 3 years ago, continues to rule the K-pop industry today. Blackpink’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du is YG Entertainment’s third music video to reach billion views.

3. First-ever Girl Group to Hold A World Tour

YG Entertainment’s 2ne1 is the first-ever K-pop girl group to hold a world tour in 2012. Unfortunately, YG Entertainment announced 2ne1’s disbandment in 2017. Re-live 2ne1’s powerful live performance below:

2. First-ever K-Pop Group To Achieve more than 200 Hourly Perfect-All-Kill 

YG Entertainment’s iKON is the first-ever K-pop group and artist in the entire Korean music industry to achieve more than 200 Hourly Perfect-All-Kill (PAK). iKON’s Love Scenario is the longest Perfect-All-Kill (PAK) in the history of Korean music industry. Next to Love Scenario is IU and Park Myung Soo’s Leon with just more than 140 hourly PAK.

1.First-ever Solo Artist to Hit 1 Billion Views on YouTube

YG Entertainment’s former solo artist PSY was the first-ever Korean artist to get 1 billion views on YouTube. PSY’s Gangnam Style was co-produced and released under YG Entertainment, went viral all around the world and eventually introduced the catchy songs of K-pop to the world. Following PSY’s Gangnam Style, PSY’s Gentleman also hit 1 billion views and went viral in the following year.

BONUS: YG Entertainment is the first-ever entertainment company where trainees topped the music charts even before debuting. They’re also the home of trendsetters in the K-pop and Korea’s fashion industry.



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