Rejoice YG stans!

YG fans had always been one of the most vocal fandom in history. They’ve always been fearless in telling Yang Hyun Suk about their cravings for YG artists, and one of their massive demands ever is YG TV.

Guess what YG stans? Wish granted!

On July 30, YG Entertainment has officially revealed through a short clip, their plan for its upcoming TV show self-production.

It will be a reality show to be titled ‘YG JeonJa’. This show will reveal the real happenings inside YG building and the lives of YG artists inside the building.

In the clip, Yang Hyun Suk, along with the YG’s worldwide artists, namely BIGBANG’s Seungri, Akmu, CL, WINNER, iKON, Sechkies, and BLACKPINK met to discuss the framework for YG TV.

The official date has not been released yet but we will surely reveal it here once YG drops the official date.

Check out the short clip below.


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