Youtube released their “Rewind” for 2017 and they also included the list of top 10 most popular music videos viewed in Korea for this year!

Criteria for the list are views, watch time, number of shares, comments and liked for each music video that is watched by Korea users.

For the top 1 and 2 spot, top girl group of this generation, TWICE took the spot for their tracks “Knock Knock” and “Signal” consecutively. It was then followed by Nation’s little sister, IU with her track “Palette”. As expected, PSY also made into the list with his tracks “I LUV IT” and “New Face” coming into the 4th and 5th spot.

The only SM Entertainment group that got in the top 10 spot is Red Velvet with their “Red Flavor” music video and the only International artist is Ed Sheeran with his song “Shape of You” at the 7th spot.

BLACKPINK followed Ed Sheeran with their music video for “As If It’s Your Last”. Another IU music video got in on the 9th spot with “Through The Night”.

Lastly, Akdong Musician completed the list with their music video for track “Last Goodbye”.

Congratulations to all the celebrities in the top 10 list!

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