2016 is finally here! I am not only excited with what the new year will bring but also for the fashion and beauty trends that will make it big this year, both old and new. Korean trends have been adapted all over the world in the past years and it looks like the fever is not going down on 2016!

When we talk about beauty, korean trends will always be on top of the list. Their beauty products have been booming in the market because of its high quality and natural ingredients. I am a huge fan of their products especially Etude House and iWhite. But anyways, here are the korean trends that will dominate the year 2016:

Korean Contouring

Contouring has been the favorite of many makeup lovers because it transforms your face in the best possible way. Clown contouring and strobing may have dominated the scene but this year, let’s all do it the korean way. According to the Malaysian insider, here’s how you can achieve the korean contouring, “The ideal face shape for many Korean women is a soft oval with a dainty chin, known as the “V-line”, and the look can be achieved by highlighting the centre of the face, using concealer under the eyes and shimmery tints down the cupid’s brow, the bridge of the nose and the chin, before shading the perimeter of the face to make it appear smaller.”


Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundation is done by applying a spongy formula foundation with a pillow. This technique provides easy application and great coverage that’s why a lot of people like it. We’d love to see more brands producing foundation with lots of added benefits like Lancôme’s “Miracle Cushion”.

Lancom Cushion Miracle Foundation

Waterless Skin Care

Water-free products have surfaced in the market which I am totally happy about. A time might come that water will be limited so it’s amazing the beauty brands like Whamisa have come up with innovative products that uses plant extracts and essential oils for hydration.


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