On September 3, 2PM few members celebrated 2PM’s 12th anniversary by communicating with fans via a live broadcast.

The broadcast began at 11 p.m. and counted down until the anniversary at midnight KST on September 4. 2PM members shared heartfelt messages to their fans whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

Junho said, “We are so grateful that you showed us so much love and waited for us for so long. There’s not much time left before we can meet again. If you wait a little longer, we can meet in one place with me and Chansung as well. Please wear a mask and be careful of COVID-19.”

“We’re not in the same place but I’m grateful to be able to talk to you even with just my voice. I hope that you will always be healthy and that we can keep seeing each other. I don’t have much time left in my military service, so I’ll finish it well and stand next to you again. You made 2PM’s 12th anniversary possible. Thank you. I love you. 2PM forever,” Chansung added.

Wooyoung said, “Today is September 4, 2020. I think that the six members were able to become closer because of HOTTEST. Like the name HOTTEST implies, we will bet on the ‘heart’ that is 2PM and work hard to be together to the best of our strength. It was inevitable that we had to serve in the military, but we’re grateful that you waited for us and endured the time well. The six of us will definitely greet you all again through good music and performances. Thank you.”

Nichkhun said, “Like the other members, I’m grateful to HOTTEST. Thank you for staying with us for such a long time. HOTTEST and 2PM is like destiny. You are always the best to us.”

Congratulations to 2PM and HOTTEST on their anniversary!


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