BB Creams are so popular today but what really makes it irresistible? Here’s why:

1. Korean celebrities are the best example of beautiful, flawless and glowing skin. Most of them are said to be users of BB Creams but ofcourse, they are also following an intensive skin care regimen along with great products. If you’re looking to have a glowing but naturally looking skin, BB Creams are best for you!


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2. Moisturized skin is one of the signs of a healthy skin. Most BB Creams are great moisturizers especially those products that contain Glycerin. Constant using of BB Creams rich in moisturizers and anti-oxidants help you achieve a radiant skin!


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3. If you’re looking for a product that gives you the effects of a tinted moisturizer and the coverage of a foundation, BB Creams could do the trick. Although it might not cover very heavy discolorations, it can conceal blemishes and fine lines.


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4. Some sunscreens have a sticky feeling that’s why most of us do not like using them in the morning. Stepping out under the sun without protection is a big no-no! Premature aging and sun burns are just two of the many consequences we will face if we skip this step. Good news is that more and more BB Creams are formulated with great SPF so you don’t have to worry about sticky creams! It glides smoothly on your face and you’re good to go!


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