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We often spend too much money on hair dyes and preserving our hair color but it always fades after a while before we even know it! Achieving a great Ulzzang look can sometimes require us to change hair color. No matter what color you choose, the most important things is to make to last longer than a few weeks!


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1. Protect your hair before you go swimming. Swimming in the beach under sun might give you a glowing tan but it can also leave your hair dry and frizzy. Apply a hair sunscreen before you step out of the house to keep your coloured locks healthy and prevent it from fading. Sunflower oil has great antioxidants that protects the hair so buy a hair product that has this awesome ingredient! 2. Did you know that even while showering in your bathroom can strip your hair’s color? Yes! The chlorine, chemicals and minerals that can be found in your water can strip your locks its color. Try putting a shower filter in your shower head for a lasting hair color. 3. Hot showers really feels great especially after a long day but did you knwo that it dries up your skin and strip your hair color? Hair cuticles open up with warm showers releasing moisture and yes, your hair color. For lasting locks, rinse your hair with a cold water to seal in cuticle especially after applying a conditioner.


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4. After dyeing your hair, refrain from washing it for at least 24 hours. It makes the hair color last longer and when its time to wash, don’t forget to use sulfate-free shampoo! 5. Hair irons and other heat styling products can reduce hair color much more than you think. Use a thermal protectant beforehand. 6. Deep conditioning like hair masks are good for your hair, but if you do it often, you moisturize your hair so much and when you rinse it, the color molecules are taken with it which leads to color fading. Daily conditioners can do the trick but make sure not to leave it for a long time.


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