Kiss of Life

Years after she was leaked to the public as a YG trainee, the YG Entertainment’s ex-trainee, Julie Han, debuted as a “Kiss Of Life” member in an another entertainment label.

YG Entertainment’s fans have always known that Julie Han was one of YG Entertainment’s trainees that had the strong chance to debut given with her super strong rapping skills which is a vital role that YG Entertainment values a lot.

Unfortunately, years after, it was revealed that Julie Han has debuted as the rapper of “Kiss of Life,” a new group from S2 Entertainment.

Along with Julie Han, Natty, who was once a JYP trainee has also debuted in the same group with Julie.

Natty was once seen in JYP’s show SIXTEEN where Twice was created. Natty also participated in the show “Idol School” where she unfortunately didn’t make to the final list.

Check out “Shhh” Debut MV of “Kiss of Life” below.

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