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On August 1, SM Entertainment has finally opened the official Instagram account for their newest boy group, RIIZE.

Sm Entertainment’s newest boy group will be composed of seven members. The group is set to debut in September which made fans even more excited

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Even if they haven’t debuted yet, SM Entertainment has already showered gorgeous selcas of the members on their official Instagram account, @riize_official . Get to know the seven members!

1. Shotaro

Shotaro is one of the most popular members in the group as he once debuted in NCT but was withdrawn last May 2023. Fans were saddened about it but not too long as they all were gladly surprised when SM Entertainment announced that Shotaro will be joining their newest boy group.

2. Sungchan

Same scenario with Shotaro, Sungchan was also once an NCT member before he was transferred to SM Entertainment’s new boy group line-up.

3. Eunseok

Fans couldn’t help but admire Eunsok’s actor visual. He was introduced as an SM rookie back in 2022.

4. Seunghan

Seunghan’s sharp and mysterious visual will surely get you. He was also introduced as an SM rookie back in 2022 alongside with Eunsok.

5. Sohee

Though Sohee’s name is used more by girl groups in K-pop, Sohee’s soulful sweet vocal will surely melt your heart and catch your heart!

6. Anton

It definitely runs in the blood! Anton is the son of musician/producer Yoon Sang. Anton was into swimming before he dived into the music industry.

7. Wonbin

Wonbin has started to gather fans with his puppy-like visual.

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