Most people who follow the Ulzzang trend may look like they spend lots of money to achieve a beautiful look but today we’ll show you how to look ulzzang in 4 easy steps!

So what are the key features that Ulzzang people are known to have? 1. Natural pale and flawless skin 2. Big doll eyes 3. Double eyelids 4. High nose bridge 5. Gradient Lips 6. Small face

Here are 4 tips that will let you achieve all they key features on looking Ulzzang:

1. Looking natural is one of the key points in Ulzzang makeup. Too much makeup and color may ruin your look when you want to look Ulzzang. Start with safe and natural whitening products to add in your skincare regimen. Supplement it with a brightening BB Cream. To make face look small, use contouring makeup but make sure not to look too defined or it will look fake.


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2. Big Dolly eyes is another trend most Ulzzang fanatics have. It makes a huge difference when you wear circle lenses rather than just using makeup alone.


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3. Some people have monolids which makes it tricky to achieve the double eye lids look. But today, double eye lid sticker is now available in stores! The double eye lid glue is becoming a hit in Ulzzang fashion because it is less visible than the sticker.


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4. It is very easy to create a higher nose bridge. A highlighter is all that you need and apply it on nose bridge. For a slimmer nose, use a contouring makeup on the sides of the nose bridge and apply highlighter on the center.


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