The hair is our crowning glory and it is one of the characteristics most person see first when meeting someone. Most women grow their hair longer than men that’s why it is a must to take good care of it. Shiny hair doesn’t just make us look good but it also shows we are healthy. Beautiful and glossy hair can be achieved in no time with these ten helpful tips!


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1. Skip the tight ponytail. Tying your hair tight all the time in a ponytail can cause more damage than you think. If you want to tie your hair up, use a gentle hair band or clip and tie it a little loosely.

2. Avoid washing your hair everyday. Our hair contains natural oils that gets stripped off if the hair is washed all the time. In return, it starts to produce more natural oils on the scalp that makes your hair greasy. Dry shampoos are available today that you can use if you need a quick fix of that oily hair.

3. Don’t forget to comb your hair before washing. Combing hair before going to shower helps untangle knots and stimulates your hair’s natural oil to be secreted. Plus it’s easier to wash hair when it is it not all tangled.

4. Always use a thermal hair protector when styling hair. Extreme heat can cause your hair to become brittle and dry so don’t forget to apply a product that protects your hair from the harsh heat of styling tools.

5. Snack on nuts and add more fish in your diet. Our diet contributes to our overall appearance and when we eat healthy foods, we will have healthy skin and hair. Fish and nuts contains omega-3 fats that helps give you healthier scalp and eventually, healthier hair!


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6. Don’t ignore split ends. Split ends should be treated before it gets worse so if you see the first signs of split ends, you know it’s time to get a trim! Moisturize your hair with a hair mask or conditioner to keep them at bay.

7. Dry your hair gently. Use less force when drying the hair using a towel. Go for fuzzy towels that feels soft and gentle to your hair. Handle your hair like a fragile thing. If you can go on a day without blow drying your hair, do it. Towel dry is better than the harsh heat most blow dryers do.

8. Skip hot showers. Hot showers may be calming and feel awesome during cold weather but it does not only irritate your skin but it can dry up your hair as well. Go for a warm shower and finish it off with a cold water to seal off conditioner in your hair.

9. Use shampoo and conditioner the right way. Shampoo the scalp to remove oil and dirt buildup and conditioner on the tips of your hair to infuse nutrients to it.

10. Sleep on silk pillowcases. Cotton pillows seem to add damage to your hair while you’re sleeping but the goodnews is, silk pillowcases are gentler and won’t hurt your hair just as much.


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