Koreans are known for their silky smooth skin and beauty products. If there’s one thing we can learn from them, it’s how to have a flawless skin with proper skincare and makeup. If you’re looking for some techniques and ways to add in your daily routine, here are tips you should consider to achieve a beautiful skin!

1. Every skincare routine starts with a healthy skin and Koreans have definitely figured the best way to do it! Here’s how to get that silky smooth complexion.

2. Here’s how to apply a BB Cream to have that flawless base for makeup!

3. Check out this highlighting tutorial video to learn how to properly apply highlighter on your face!

4. One thing I love about korean makeup is how much they accentuate their eyes. Here’s a great video on how to achieve it!

5. Korean eyebrows can make you look younger and make your face have that innocent look.

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