Winter is fast approaching and in just a few months, summer will be here again. Winter is the best time to get your summer body. So how do you achieve that? Forget the drastic diets and exhausting exercises, all you need are slimming clothes! The secret to looking good in any clothes is to know your body type and buy clothes that compliment it. Here are different outfit styles for different body types!

Pear Shape: Korean women are mostly pear-shaped which generally means having a fuller bottom half than the upper body. Thick thighs are hard to lose even with diet an exercise. Slimming is not an easy thing to do so if you want to create a slimmer look, mid-length flare dress will exactly do just that. Flare dresses are not only fun and feminine but it’s very sophisticated as well!


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Apple Shape: Apple shape body usually have a round body silhouette but with a tiny waist. One of the best korean style outfits to wear for this shape are boxy style dresses and anything oversized. While choosing this type of outfits, go for darker colors as they are very slimming. If you are not fond of dark colors, then choose those with unique patterns as they are a good distraction to achieve a slimmer figure. Add a belt to accentuate your waist and create an even slimmer figure!


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Strawberry Shape: If you are the opposite of pear-shaped body which is a fuller upper half, go for dresses that hugs your body with a flare bottom. Prints are a great distraction but if you are not a fan of it, go for bold accessories! Neon colored shoes or bags are another great option to grab attention to other parts of your outfit. For a more feminine look, try a crop top with a flowy skirt!


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