Marrying A Korean Man
Are you dreaming of marrying a Korean man? Let’s see if you can handle all these.


Marriage is an important chapter in everybody’s lives. The thing is, due to having different cultures, there might be a few differences on how people from different countries prepare wedding ceremonies.

In South Korea, getting married is one of the events that involve a lot and expensive preparation.

Here are the top 5 facts that everyone should know before marrying your bias:

  1. Proposals usually happen a week or days before the wedding. Forget what you saw in the movies, the reality is the proposal usually happens when all the preparations for the wedding are already set.
  2. You bias must ask permission from his parents to marry you. Parents play a huge part in Korean families. Men must ask their parents’ thoughts about the woman that they’re planning to marry. If they won’t approve you, then there’s a huge chance that the wedding might not happen.
  3. Men are obliged to prepare a house before the wedding, but women are obliged to furnish the house with everything new. Yes, every furniture, appliances, everything inside the house must be new.
  4. As the future wife, you have to give your in-laws a percentage of the money that was spent for the house that was bought by your husband. Usually, the money that your husband used to buy a house are from his parents. So, is your wallet ready?
  5. You have to gift your in-laws with something expensive. Anything as long as it’s expensive.

Now, are you ready to finally marry your bias? If yes, then congratulations!

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