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iKON TV has been one of the most talked-about shows recently. Everyone was just surprised at how naturally hilarious and genuine iKON members are behind the glitz and glamour of the K-pop industry.

People consider every member as truly relatable, no sugarcoating at all. They can make you realize that artists are just like ordinary people too, with worries and a lot of responsibilities.

Get to know the iKON members more through these reality shows.

5. Idol School Trip

Idol School Trip is a friendly show that was show in Jeju. A show between Japanese teenagers who also work as models, idols, and performers in Japan, and iKON. In this show, you get to see how iKON members treat women, and how both parties handled cultural differences along the way. As expected, the show is hilarious and a good show to learn the difference between South Korean and Japanese culture.

Here are some funny moments in Idol School Trip.

4. iKON Kony’s Summertime

This show is one of iKON’s limited DVD shows. iKON members had an adventure in Saipan. After their successful debut, iKON member went to Saipan to enjoy a work-vacation. Watch a snippet of iKON Kony’s Summertime below.

3. Mix & Match

Every iKON fans have probably watched every episode of this show. The second survival show that iKON needed to pass before debut. This is where iKON became a group. Chanwoo was added to the group. This is when the final members were officially revealed. You get to see the bonding and hardwork that all the iKON members had experienced before they became one of the rising and legendary groups in K-pop now. Here’s a sneak peek of iKON’s legendary dance performances in Mix & Match. Let me remind you that iKON hasn’t debuted yet during these legendary performances.

2. WIN (Who Is Next?)

The first ever survival show of iKON. iKON was called Team B back then. Team B is consist of Hanbin, Bobby, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Junhoe, and Yunhyeong. They lost in the show, but this legendary performance has left a mark in everybody’s heart. Check out the English translation.

1. iKON TV

The last but not the least is iKON TV. Of course, a true iKON fan knows how entertaining iKON TV is. It reveals iKON’s true characteristics, on and off cam. It shows how close they are with each other. People will also get the chance to discover their habits, their hobbies, their creative sides, and even get to meet their families and private friends. iKON will make you feel like a friend that they haven’t met for a long time. Get ready, iKON TV will give you a roller coaster ride of emotions. Enjoy!

Start watching iKON TV below.



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