Ever wondered how celebrities get that flawless skin? If you are in a hurry to achieve a perfect skin, try using a concealer and cover up your skin problems! Here are five ways to cover up blemishes for a flawless skin! 1. Apply a liquid concealer using a very soft brush. Using gentle strokes to cover the area and if you have burnt skin, always apply a moisturizer before using a concealer.


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2. Cover up scars, pimples and other blemishes using a good concealer before applying a foundation. Concealers have heavier coverage than foundations so it is best to apply them first. You can set your makeup using a face powder and keep the oil at bay. 3. Discoloration is a common problem that’s why color correctors are a must if regular concealers are not enough. If you want to cover up redness, green and yellow creams work great for it. If you have under-eye cricles and dark spots problems, use salmon tone corrector creams.


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4. Nicked legs? Cover up the scar and other blemishes on your leg using a body concealer. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer or a light lotion then apply the concealer as usual. 5. Create a fresher look by using an eye concealer and apply a thin layer to your eyelids. This will cover up any redness, veins or dark circles so you’ll have a naturally flawless look.


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