There’s no better way to join the Ulzzang fever than follow a korean girl’s beauty regimen. While most of them wear makeup minimally, they believe that taking care of the skin is the first step to achieving a flawless beauty. If you’re wondering what are the basic beauty product must-haves of korean ladies, here’s a simple korean beauty guide for those who want to follow their footsteps! BB Creams Koreans have flawless skin to start with but what makes it even more beautiful is the miracle cream that is popularly known as BB Cream. It has so many benefits like anti-aging and brightening effects but the most loved thing about the BB Cream is it’s like an all-in-one cream. It is packed with sunscreen and moisturizers so if you’re busy and don’t have enough time to put on makeup, just dab on some BB Cream on your face, spread it evenly and you’re good to go!


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Eyeliner It’s amazing how beautiful koreans paint their eyes with eyeliner and make it seem bigger. Pen eyeliners are very popular since they are easy to use and lasts longer than other types. Subtle cat-eyes will change your look instantly but at the same time look more natural. Skip applying eyeliner below the lower lashline since it makes your eyes fiercer.


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Eyebrow Pencil One of the things Korean girls have in common aside from a flawless skin is their straight brows that just look so perfect. The secret to this amazing brow style is to soften the arches of your eyebrows so you’ll achieve a straight cross line. The effect of this shape is wonderful since it can take years away from your face! You’ll look younger right away if you groom your eyebrows just like koreans do!


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Liquid Lip Tint Gradient lips is a popular look in Korea as they tend to shy away from manicured lips using lip liners and rich-colored lipsticks. Cherry, red orange and peach hues are commonly used to create an illusion of naturally pink looking lips like you’ve just eaten strawberries. It’s a huge plus that most korean lip tints smells fruity. You can top it off with a nice gloss or wear it as it is. Either way, it looks amazing!


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