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Whether you’re a big cosplay fan or you need a costume that’s cute and unique, Ulzzang Style has a wide variety of school girl costume to choose from! Here’s a few of the must-have school girl costumes from Ulzzang!

Cute schoolgirl uniform Tiger & Dragon


This darling little uniform costume you need to look like your favorite series character in the shortest possible time. It has a crisp white dress shirt with long sleeves and turndown collar a nice jacket with gold button closures and V hem. A dainty bow highlights the neckline. The pretty pleated knee length skirt is worn underneath and completes this look scientific. Fun for any anime fan Product Details: -Manufactured from uniform cloth-Includes jacket shirt skirt and tie-Custom modifications available on this product for a fee. Buy it here now!

Toaru Kagaku Railgun School Uniform White Navy Blue


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Seitokai Yakuin Domo Winter School Uniform


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Attractive Yumeiro Patissiere Saint Marys College Girls Uniform Costume


This is definitely one of the most authentic-looking Yumeiro Patissiere on the market today due to the high used in its creation. First, has a crisp pressed shirt with long sleeves and turndown collar. A bold red bow accents the shirt and a pretty pleated skirt with beautiful red trim completes the base of the costume. A beautiful jacket is worn over the base and has a double breasted design double row of buttons for the closure fat red trim with Series insignia slot pockets and cuffs trimmed. This costume would be absolutely perfect for any fan of the series Bleach ideal for congresses or other fan treffen.Produktdetails: -Manufactured from uniform cloth-Includes shirt tie jacket and skirt trim fat red-Double-breasted slit pocket Double button closure Ornate cuff pleated skirt knee-lengthBuy it here now!

Nylon Cosplay Costume of Dead Fujimi High School with a Blouse and Pleated Skirt


The fans of Dead Fujimi High School if you are looking for this is a well-made cosplay costume from Dead Fujimi High School is a good choice! The white blouse with long sleeves and a green collar in front of the chest is a gray loop sewn on. The green pleated skirt extends only to mid-thigh This is a very classic cosplay school uniform you can wear the cosplay events participate!Buy it here now!

Toaru Kagaku Railgun School Uniform Cosplay Costume


Toaru Kagaku fans play and look the part with this authentic series school uniform. It has a crisp white dress shirt with pressed forward turndown collar and short sleeves. A handsome sweater vest badges are worn on the breast over the shirt with the series. The plaid pleated skirt is and the mid-thigh-length is perfect to capture girls action at this school. This is a great costume with great attention to detail so it would be perfect for anime conventions or other costumed events besuchen.Produktdetails: -Manufactured from 65% Cotton 35% Polyester Includes Shirt Skirt and Sweater Vest Custom changes to this product available for a surcharge.Buy it here now!

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