The Ulzzang fever doesn’t just stop in the makeup and fashion world but in hairstyles as well. Ulzzang hairstyles are more laid back than anime-styles though it is just as creative. Side-swept and straight bangs are common styles and hair color is usually darker although some still sport blond hues.

Getting the Ulzzang hairtsyle is easy as it doesn’t have a specific style to follow. All you have to do is pick-up a style that flatters you and something that creates and illusion of having a slimmer face. One hairstyle doesn’t work with everyone so don’t be afraid to try different looks! Ask your hairstylist if you must!

Don’t forget to keep your hair healthy by taking good care of it. Use hair products that addresses your needs especially for colored ones. The secret is to enhance the natural beauty of your hair and stay away from anything that damages your hair.

So if you’re looking for a hairstyle that Ulzzang fanatics wear, here are top five ulzzang hairstyle to try today!


Loose Braids


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Curly Hair without Fringe


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Full High Ponytail


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Messy Hair Bun


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