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They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, do you agree with that? Even if we all do not agree with this, I’m sure we will all agree that the eyes are a part of our face that can be accentuated beautifully. If you want a brighter and refreshed look, thicker lashes can help do the trick!

Sometimes using mascara alone will not let you achieve the length and thickness you want. One way to achieve thicker lashes instantly is using false eyelashes. The only downside of wearing fake lashes is to apply them perfectly. If you have spent a lot of hours in front of the mirror and still unsuccessful, here’s a simple step by step guide in applying falsies (and the best false eyelashes from Ulzzang Style)!


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1. First thing to do is determine the length of the lashes and make sure that the falsies fits your eye shape. Snip the edges if they are longer using small scissors. If you use long falsies, you might poke your eye or your eyes will look droopy.

2. Create a C shape by taking both edges inward for a couple of seconds. Doing this will prevent the corners from lifting up and it will be easier to apply the lashes.

3. Use a high quality eyelash adhesive for long-lasting results. Make sure to apply glue evenly especially on the inner and outer corners of the falsies so it will stay in place when you blink.

4. Wait at least 10 seconds for the glue to become tactile before putting the lashes.

5. Apply the falsies on the base of your natural lash line, just right on top of your real lashes so it will look more natural.

6. After placing both false eyelashes, top it off with mascara to integrate the falsies with your natural lashes.

7. No matter how much you try and perfect applying false eyelashes, there will always be times where you can see a little gap between your falsies and real lashes. You don’t have to start all over again. Just use a black matte eyeshadow to hide it and voila! Perfect lashes!

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