Do you want to wear a wig but you don’t know if it will look good on you? You’ve come to the right place! Ulzzang Style has the best wigs for every face shape!

Most people who wants to buy a wig ask themselves, “How can I find the best wig that will look great on me?” The answer is to know your face shape and buy a wig that works well with it. While there is no magic formula in how you will find the right wig for you, always pick a style that accentuates your facial features.

There are so many wigs you can choose from so I hope this helps in narrowing down your choices!

For those who have Oblong-shaped face, medium length wigs with soft waves would look great on you. It gives a great balance with the long face shape.

For those who have oval-shaped face, any length of wig would look great but for the best look, go for short layered wig with curls that falls on your shoulders. Oval-shape is considered the perfect face shape.

For those who have round-shaped face, any wig that makes your face look slimmer would look good on you. Blunt bangs will make your face more round so opt for wigs that have volume on the top part. If you really want to sport some bangs, go for tousled side bangs.

For those who have square-shaped face, short and textured wigs is the best style for you to minimize the sharpness of your face shape. Long wigs with loose curls work just as well for square shape.

For those who have heart-shaped face, any wigs that has full volume whether short or long would definitely accentuate your face shape. The secret is to create and illusion of narrower chin and forehead.

Here are stylish wigs from Ulzzang Style that you can choose from!



Wig Curly Long Hair Bae. Buy this wig now!


Wig Cute Baek Girly Long Hair. Buy this wig now!


Wig Fluffy Ah. Buy this wig now!


Japanese Schoolgirl Long Half Wig. Buy this wig now!


Seohyun Wavy Long Half Wig. Buy this wig now!


Wig Sweet Long Curly Am. Buy this wig now!

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