Actress Seo Shin-Ae’s fashion

Child actress Seo Shin-Ae’s red carpet fashion created an online buzz. The 19-year-old actress was walking the 22nd BIFF red carpet earlier on October 10, but what caught everyone’s attention was her daring fashion. She rocked a white, long dress, with a transparent fabric around her cleavage and neck. Needless to say, her image transformation wasn’t one the netizens were expecting to see.


Seo Shin-Ae’s fashion might be trending, but not for a good reason. As seen from the comments under the news about her dress, many agree that the dress doesn’t really suit her body type and age. Many commented that it’s uncomfortable to see a barely legal actress donning such a revealing dress. The actress, however, responded cooly by posting on her SNS with a caption, “Make my night”.


Photo credit: Osen via Naver

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