100%’s Leader Minwoo Passed Away

Due to cardiac arrest Leader of boy group 100% Seo Minwoo had passed away. The 33-year old singer debuted in 2012 with 100% under TOP Media. Below is his label,...

Bigbang ‘Bangs’ Another New YouTube Record!

Bigbang is unstoppable!   Despite the fact that most Bigbang members are serving their military service right, Bigbang still proved to everyone that they are a powerhouse in the K-pop industry....

IU’s ‘My Ahjussi’ – Dating Violence or A Necessity?

Divided opinions IU's most recent drama 'My Ahjussi' is under controversy for an assault scene depicting IU being hit by a loan shark, who turns out to be a prominent...

[OP-ED] Wanna One’s Controversy

Who's responsible? Wanna One ranked first on Naver's real-time search for the entire day yesterday, but not because of their comeback. The 11-member group was embroiled in a controversy, as...

Top 3 ‘Healing’ Korean Variety Shows

A break from a stressful daily life Working, going to school, caring for children or elderly parents can be quite exhausting. At times, all it takes is a one-hour me...

Suho Releases ‘Dinner’ and ‘Do You Have a Moment?’

SM Station project EXO's leader and vocalist Suho releases two collaboration songs with singer Jang Jae-In. The first song, titled 'Do You Have a Moment?' showcases the two's soothing vocals...

Lee Dong-Wook and Suzy are Dating

The two are now a couple! It was only a few days ago when it was revealed that Park Shin-Hye is currently dating actor Choi Tae-Joon, but today another couple...

Park Shin-Hye and Choi Tae-Joon are Dating!

Congratulations to the new couple! Actress Park Shin-Hye and Choi Tae-Joon are the latest 2018's couple. The two have been linked together for some time now, but both sides have...

Ssin-nim’s Top 3 Makeup Cover

Beauty YouTuber Ssin-nim Korean beauty YouTubers are known for their distinctive style and professional filmography. We did talk about Pony, a famous Korean beauty YouTuber, but this time let's take...

Father of K-pop Idol Offers Amazing Fan Service To His Son’s Fan

Like father, like son.   This is probably one of the best days for this iKONic as she received an amazing fan service from one of iKON's fathers. Song Yunhyeong, one of...

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JYP Entertainment Announces ITZY’s Lia Hiatus

On September 18, JYP Entertainment announced that ITZY’s Lia will be on hiatus due to health concerns. Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We would like to...
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YG Entertainment’s Model Kim Su-bin Marries Korean Actor Yoon Bak

YG Entertainment's model under YG KPlus, Kim Su-bin, has finally tied the knot with Korean actor, Yoon Bak.
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BLACKPINK Jisoo Receives New Drama Offer for a Zombie Apocalypse Drama

Is Blackpink Jisoo coming back for a zombie apocalypse drama called "Influenza"? After her successful acting debut in the...