Due to cardiac arrest

Leader of boy group 100% Seo Minwoo had passed away. The 33-year old singer debuted in 2012 with 100% under TOP Media. Below is his label, TOP Media’s statement on his death:

“This is TOP Media. We apologize for delivering this sudden and heartbreaking news. Our artist 100% Minwoo left our side on March 25. He was found without a pulse at his home in Gangnam. 911 first responders arrived but he was declared dead. His family, 100% members, TOP Media colleague artists, and staff members are all grief-stricken and mourning due to the unexpected sad news. As the oldest member of his team, Minwoo leads his members and truly loved fans as he was warm-hearted. Because everyone who knows Minwoo is aware of his kindheartedness and faithfulness, the sadness is even greater. His funeral will be carried out quietly in respect to his family’s wishes. We express our deepest condolences for his final path.”

We sincerely give our sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Photo credit: SJB News

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