Indonesian rapper is accused of plagiarizing G-Dragon’s song.


Last March 22, Rapyourbae— an Indonesian rapper, released his new song titled ‘King (of Tale).’


Unfortunately, the fans think otherwise. As people heard the song, they immediately discover the resemblance of the Indonesian rapper’s song to G-Dragon’s Bullshit.

This is not the first time that artists from other countries plagiarized a  song from Bigbang or YG.

Just two years ago, a Russian singer plagiarized Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. While last year, a Vietnamese rapper plagiarized iKON B.I.’s song.

Check out the Indonesian rapper’s song and G-Dragon’s Bullshit below.

On Rapyourbae’s YouTube channel, he pinned his comment asking everyone ” Who is the King now?”


So, who really is the TRUE KING now? Comment your thoughts below.

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