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Who are the top 5 girl groups that shout amazing visual and exude undeniably intimidating charm?

Check out ULZZA’s Top 5 Visual Groups in K-pop today!


Though they are not as popular as the other girl groups in the list, Loona’s visuals can show you how beautiful a Korean girl really is.

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4. Twice

It’s obvious that Twice is one of the K-pop groups today with thousands of fanboys from around the world.

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The newest girl group of JYP Entertainment is one of the hottest girl groups today with their cute and fierce look.

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2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s elegance and classic beauties reign among K-pop girl groups today.

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And of course, Blackpink. From head to toe, there’s no wonder why Blackpink is leading the list. Blackpink members possess shocking body proportions, breathtaking visuals, and unpredictable charms.

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