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iKON keeps on breaking records!


Some new K-pop fans often say that iKON is a flop group from YG Entertainment. The truth is, iKON is probably, if not the most, one of the most successful K-pop groups in history despite being a new group.

Are you looking for receipts? Check everything below.

After surviving two competitions— WIN (Who Is Next?) and Mix&Match, iKON members finally debuted on September 15, 2015.

On iKON’s first year, YG’s newest boygroup already created new records that no other boy group has ever achieved in the recent years.

iKON’s debut songs charted on Billboard.




Just two months after iKON’s debut, iKON became a “monster rookie” as they won Best New Male Artists on all year-end award shows which made iKON the second K-pop group in history to get a Grand Rookie Slam. The first K-pop group is SHINee.

  • November 7th 2015 MelOn Music Awards as “Best New Artist”
  • December 2nd 2015 Mnet Asia Music Awards as “Best New Male Artist”
  • January 14th 2016 Seoul Music Award as “New Artist Award”
  • January 20th 2016 Golden Disk Awards as “New Artist Award”
  • February 17th 2016 Gaon Charts K-pop Awards as “New Artist of the Year” and also “Song of the Month – September: My Type”

iKON is also the first K-pop group in the new generation to achieve a Certified All-Kill with their song “My Type.”

My Type charted for 48 weeks on Melon 100. Also, My Type is one of the boy groups’ songs which achieved 1 million downloads along with Bigbang, Exo, Winner, and Block B.

Just three months after their debut, iKON won a triple crown with their song Dumb & Dumber.

iKON’s debut charted on music charts from around the world.

For iKON’s debut showcase, iKON sold 13,000 seats in just 2 minutes.

Full achievements of iKON’s songs from their debut album are posted below. (Achievements from Japan and Taiwan are not on the list.)



iKON’s first concert was held in Gymnastic Stadium on October 3, 2015, just days after their debut, which sold over 10,000 seats in just 10 minutes.

Just more than three months after their debut on their homeland, iKON debuted in Japan on January 2016.

Just four months after their debut, iKON started their Asian tour called iKONCERT 2016: Showtime Tour wherein iKON visited Japan, China, HongKong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and
Indonesia. The tour started on January 30, 2016, and ended on September 30, 2016.

iKONICS fanchants during iKONCERT Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia.


While doing their tours around Asia in 2016 and preparing for their Japan Tour, iKON often traveled back and forth from Japan to South Korea, and to China, as iKON became a competitor in one of China’s shows titled Heroes of Remix.

iKON is one of the two K-pop groups that represented Korea and competed in the Chinese show, the other group was Monsta X. Unfortunately, due to some political issues wherein Korean artists were restricted to promote in China, iKON and Monsta X weren’t able to finish the competition.

However, despite being able to perform eight times only in the show, iKON still dominated the show winning 3 times out of their 8 performances. iKON is the only performer who won the most in the show while most of the other performers won once only.

iKON performed ‘Beijing, Beijing’ on their first appearance on Heroes of Remix where the group achieved their first win.


Just days after the successful iKONCERT 2016: Showtime Tour, iKON announced their iKON Japan Tour which was scheduled from October 2016 until the first quarter of 2017.

In October of 2016, iKON started their Japan Tour. Due to the massive success of iKON in Japan, YG Entertainment announced iKON’s first ever Japan Dome Tour.

Just 1 year and 5 months after their debut, and with only one album released, iKON became the fastest boy group to hold a Japan Dome Tour.

While doing their Japan Dome Tours in 2017, iKON released two tracks titled, Bling Bling and B-day, which made the group to travel back and forth from South Korea to Japan to promote their newly released songs while finishing their dome tours in Japan.

iKON’s live performance for Bling Bling.


iKON’s Bling Bling is the 7th Korean song that charted on QQ Music Chart along with 4 of Bigbang’s songs, Zion T’s collaboration with G-Dragon, Block B, and IU’s collaboration with G-Dragon. Bling Bling reached 7th on QQ Music Chart.

iKON wrapped their Japan Dome Tour in December 2017, just 2 years after their debut. iKON has already gathered more or less 900,000 fans since their debut in 2015 just from Japan alone.

iKON is the fourth among K-pop groups who are attracting the most concertgoers in Japan. Top three in the list are Bigbang, TVXQ, and SHINee, respectively.

And now in 2018, iKON made a comeback with their second album, “Return.”


The title track of their comeback album, Love Scenario, made a history and continues to break records over and over that no group has ever done in the past 10 years.

Aside from the fact that all the songs in their comeback album charted on South Korea’s music charts, iKON’s Love Scenario recorded the highest number of hourly Perfect All-Kills, not just in K-pop, but in all music genre in South Korea.

Love Scenario recorded an astounding hourly 204 Perfect All-Kills. Next to the list is IU x Park Myung Soo’s “Leon” which recorded 136 hourly Perfect All-Kills.

iKON topped South Korea’s music charts for 6 weeks with equal and wide range of listeners— men, women, children, adults, young adults, teens, and more.

iKONIC fanboy screaming his support for iKON during iKON’s 2018 Private Stage.


iKON’s Love Scenario won 11 awards on South Korean music shows with triple crowns on Inkigayo, M!Countdown, and MBC Music Core.

iKON became the first K-pop group in 2018 to achieve Perfect All-Kill and won triple crowns on music shows.

Last April 2018, three months after iKON’s comeback, iKON’s Love Scenario ranked no.1 with the most digital index for K-pop groups in 2018.

iKON became the second Korean artists with the most songs ranking on QQ Music Chart. iKON recorded 17 total weeks on the chart with their songs Love Scenario, My Type, Bling Bling, #WYD, I Miss You So Bad, and Welcome Back. The first artist on the list is Bigbang.

While iKON’s Love Scenario is still charting on all of South Korea’s music charts, it continues on breaking records over and over that no new K-pop groups had made in 10 years.

iKON’s Love Scenario is the only new song from the new generation of K-pop boy groups that made into the Top 10 longest charting song since 2007. The list was consists of Bigbang, Super Junior, FT Island, and 2PM. Other group outside the top 10 is Winner.

Fanchants during iKON’s 2018 Private Stage called “RE-KONNECT.”


Due to iKON’s massive comeback success, the group already received many interviews from Japan, Saudi Arabia, and more.

iKON’s Love Scenario became a hit and has become a viral song not just in South Korea but all over Asia.

Kindergarten kids from Vietnam singing along to Love Scenario.

As of writing, iKON is still ranking on charts and continues to make new records, representing the new generation of K-pop groups.

Aside from the group achievements, some of iKON members also made achievements of their own. iKON’s Bobby won Show Me The Money 3, he became an ambassador for “Shinsagae Duty-free” whose female endorser is Jun ji hyun and previous male endorser was G-Dragon, and was dubbed as “National Trainee.” iKON’s Yunhyeong (Song) became an ambassador for Nivea and increased the company’s sales by 70%. 

These are only some of iKON’s achievements in their 2 years in the K-pop industry.

When iKON members were asked what’s the secret behind their comeback’s success from their Arab interview, iKON’s Jinhwan (Jay) answered the question with no hesitation.


Despite the group’s massive success, YG Entertainment and iKONICS continue to remain humble as iKON continues to create new records. Truth be told, it is also known that fandoms from YG Entertainment are the laziest fandoms in the K-pop industry.

iKON’s leader, B.I., wrote all iKON’s songs— from pre-debut until today. Other members like Bobby and Ju-Ne, also contributed to their songs.

It has been 2 years and 7 months since iKON’s debut, but seeing these achievements will make you realize how hardworking iKON are as a group and as individual members. Indeed, they deserve the acknowledgement that the group is receiving right now.

Right now, iKON’s first ever reality TV show called iKON TV is being aired on YouTube, VLive, and JTBC. Watch iKON TV here.

Congratulations, iKON and iKONICS!

BONUS: iKONICS’ fanchants for one of iKON’s songs titled “M.U.P.” which stands for “Make You Proud.”


Note: If we have missed other achievements of iKON, please comment it in the comment box below. We will add it to the article after thorough investigation. Thank you.












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