Involvement with a cult?

A shocking news made its way to the Korean public earlier today when it’s reported that JYP, or Park Jin Young – who is the founder of JYP Entertainment – and popular actor Bae Yong-Joon are both members of a religious cult. Park Jin Young who was a divorcee, remarried in 2013 with a non-celebrity woman. The woman’s uncle Yoo Byeong-Eon, who was a Korean businessman and pastor. Yoo was linked with the Sewol ferry incident and was found dead not long after the news broke out. Previously, Park Jin Young has denied he’s anyhow related to Yoo, and claimed he’s an atheist.

Salvation Cult

The cult the two stars allegedly joined is called Salvation Sect (or 구원파 in Korean). The church, dubbed the “Salvation Sect” and labeled heretic by conservative Christian denominations, was founded in 1962 by the late pastor Kwon Sin-chan, Yoo’s father-in-law. It teaches that after a person has been saved by faith, feeling guilty or repentant constitutes a felony denying faith.

Park’s statement

Park Jin Young has released an official statement denying his involvement with the cult. He even threatened to sue those who spread the news. Despite him insisting he’s no part of the cult, netizens stay distrustful as Dispatch, the news media which first released the report, provided photographic evidence of Park in one of the cult’s meeting. Park was also seen shaking hand and smiling at some of the cult members.

So far, Bae Yong Joon hasn’t released any statement.

Photo credit: Dispatch

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