The alleged friend of Burning Sun’s whistleblower finally revealed the truth.

The alleged friend apologized for revealing information to the public that didn’t have enough proof.

Check out the video and the translation below.

Hello everyone, this is Kyung mo.

I would like to apologize with all of you, that’s why I decided to do this video

I will talk about the videos related to BBC that I posted before…

I am sorry bc of the false info that I shared so I would like to sincerely apologize.

I saw him as a hero, he was the only one I believed.

If you followed the Burning Sun case, you know him.

He was the one who exposed the truth we know about the obscure reality of the world.

I talked to him a lot, I did a video about him.

When I uploaded two videos, I called him to tell him: “I would like to thank you for your gentleness” (for exposing the case).

He told me he had obtained information about BBC, which was supposedly going to transmit a show about the future.

He said: i managed to obtain information from BBC

I replied: tell me everything you know

He told me: the information I received, I have talked to him (BBC producer) through SNS, about snuff film and child pornography. They will do a 24h documentary by BBC.

That was the information.

I also posted a video about it.

To this day, such transmission has never happened.

So the responsibility of sharing the information became entirely mine.

I didn’t hear anything from him (BBC producer) again, even though he was active on Instagram, working, focusing on the Burning Case coverage.

Because I didn’t hear from him anymore, I decided to find him on mt own.

I asked the producer of BBC Korea to clarify 3 things.

The first one was that BBC World did transmit a documentary in two consecutive days, june 25-26, in Seoul about the Burning Sun case, however it was not a 24h documentary. But just because it was hot topic at that moment.

2nd thing, he spoke to me about the snuff film.

‘a child pornography video, the info about BBC obtaining that content is false’, said the producer.

And finally, about the victim protection. BBC was completely oblivious about it.

‘we can not offer protection to the victim if we have nothing about them’

He told me that protection could only be granted by them during an interview.

As a result, the personal guarantee of the informant that ‘nothing could be revealed’ was false too.

Contrary to him (KSK), the BBC producer was a direct help.

He (KSK) is the one who helps reporters and lawgivers…

Why do you keep lying??

The truth is that I didn’t even know how to record this video.

I was under so much pressure and suffering.

(…) I did say those things, but it was never my intention to lie to you, that’s why I’m doing this video.

This is because he’s seen as a hero in the current situation.

The facts we know now, are all distorted and blown out of proportion.

I’m afraid the credibility of the Burning Sun case will be lost when he’s finally exposed as a liar.

From now on I will verify the exact hour and day of transmission.

And I will only publicize the truth.

It’s my right to know, it’s your right to know.

I will verify(?) and then record.

I sincerely regret all the confusion I caused to you in more than one occasion.


The fair hero we know…

Is he just another common pervert?

A sexual harasser in a club.

Is he not different from those other guys?”

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