Music Videos In K-Pop

What are the top craziest videos in K-pop? Check out’s top picks below!

1. Zutter

Can you imagine a Korean music video where the two artists are peeing and pooping in the video?  Yes, there’s no wonder why Bigbang’s Zutter made it to the number one spot!

2. Doom Dada

TOP’s Doom Dada is a music video where you will question the entire concept of the music video. The uniqueness of this music video will definitely surprise you!

3. Bae Bae

Bigbang’s Bae Bae is one of the most psychedelic music videos in K-pop. The colors, the concept, and the acting of Bigbang members made Bae Bae one of the craziest videos in K-pop.


4. Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style may look like a normal video to everyone but the concept of the video itself is crazy enough to be part of this list.

5. Fantastic Baby

Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby, of course, made it to the list. That really long hair of G-dragon in the intro, TOP’s blue eyebrows, the crazy fashion, and the concept made the Fantastic Baby’s official music video part of the list.


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