You’ve heard it so many times, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is subjective. It varies with culture and places. Each face is unique and every woman is indeed beautiful. While it’s true that what really matter is the inner beauty, we should not forget to take care of our physical appearance as well. Why? Because it adds confidence to us especially when we are surrounded by powerful men. Every woman dreams to be perceived attractive. Being appreciated by the way we look, gives us an ego-booster.

So how do we enhance our very own physical beauty? Of course, with the help of cosmetics. Just a quick trivia though, the history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years! It is present in almost every society in the world.

Here below I am going to share to you how to apply make up like a pro. It is very essential to note that it is necessary to spend some time doing your daily make up routine to really perfect it.

Just remember these three; the face, the eyes, and the lips.

Let’s start with the face.

Wash your face and pat dry. Apply a small amount of liquid foundation onto the cosmetic blender. Start on the middle of your cheeks using diagonal and downward strokes. Blend into the sides of your nose, into the upper part of your lip and into your chin. Include blending into the hairline in your forehead, in your cheeks above and below the ear. Don’t forget to blend a small amount on your earlobes and apply foundation down your neck and jaw bones. This is necessary to have an even tone. Check for uneven spots around your face and blend them. After applying the liquid foundation, time to apply a minimal amount of powder foundation. Blend lightly onto face using again the diagonal and downward strokes. Blend into hairline as well.


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Now we are going to focus with the eyebrows and eyes.

I recommend you use eyebrow pencil instead of powder especially when you’re a beginner. You have more control with your hand using a pen. Don’t use a very dark shade, just a little darker than your hair color. Begin by holding your eyebrow pencil point up and vertical against your nose to see where your eyebrow should begin. Find the ideal end point of your brow, usually at 45-degree angle from the outer corner of your eye. Look straight forward and line up the outer edge of the pencil with the outer edge of your iris. This is where your arch should start. Using the pen, start drawing from the front start making upward motions, and continue throughout the entire eyebrow. Blend well using a brow brush. Take the eyelash comb and comb your eyebrows upward.


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For the shadows, use a neutral color as base. This should match your skin color. Apply a generous amount all over eye, from lash to brow line. Use an eyeshadow make up with 2-3 darker shades but be sure not to make it too dark as this is going to be all the way up to your eyebrows. Brush from the outer portion of your eye up to your eyebrow. Make your way towards the inner part of your eye, brushing from the eyebrow to the bottom of your lid, using downward motions. Blend well using a blending brush. For the eyeliner, use a darker color (black) to the top lid and start from the inner part of your eye, fleck on your lash line and in the inside of your inner eye. For the bottom lid use a lighter color (brown).

Use mascara to make your eyes even more attractive and defined. Brush mascara on the top of your eyelashes from the roots to the tips. Be sure not to mess it up with your eyeshadows.

We are down to the lips.

Apply an uncolored lip balm to moisten lips before applying a lip liner. Take the lip liner and draw a line around the rim of your upper and lower lip. Use your desired lipstick color and lightly pat all over lips. Smooth your lips lightly together until the color looks even.


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Now you are up for a perfect day wearing make up like a pro!

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