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You’re sitting on the couch watching Fashion TV and ask yourself how come these models stay sexy. Do they even eat anything? For models hitting the runways, preparation is a must from castings and fittings, and by also doing everything to ensure that their bodies are in excellent form to take the catwalk.

Do you know that their diet plans are actually attainable? I mean, after all we can benefit from their carefully chosen programs. Here are top 5 healthy practices and food plans of top models.


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Stay hydrated

Drinking water is very much essential. We’re constantly losing water from our bodies via urine and sweat. Top models drink a lot of water especially that health authorities recommend eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Water doesn’t have some magical property to burn fats but it can help you lose weight. Staying hydrated could help avoid overeating. Also, many people confuse thirst to hunger.

Maintaining high energy level

Top models opt for sustainable caffeine options like green tea. Green tea is tagged as the healthiest beverage on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and other substances like caffeine that benefit the body. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that has been shown to help burn fat and improve exercise performance.

Alkaline and Plant-based Diet

Your meals should start light and get heavier as the day goes by. You can begin your day by drinking warm water and lemon followed by a juice or healthy smoothie. This will boost alkalinity or your body’s best natural ph balance for cells to thrive, give you enough energy and will hydrate you for the day ahead. Carolyn Murphy is on Alkaline diet which limits acidic foods. The Alkaline diet is high in fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables. Speaking of vegetables, you can have vegetables salad over lunch. Gisele Bundchen is on plant-based diet. Consisting of almost 80 percent vegetables, it’s rounded out with whole grains like millet, beans, and lean meat like grass-fed steak, duck, and wild salmon.

Avoid carbonated drinks, dairy, and fried foods

Carbonated drinks are bloat offenders. These drinks make you gassy and bloated. Some even claim that it can cause cellulite [so, are you now scared?]. Don’t consume or as much as possible stay away from dairy as it is mucus-producing, and can cause bloat and constipation especially to people who don’t digest it well. Fried foods are not recommended, in fact it’s a big no-no to models.

Exercise and sleep

Yes, exercise is still a must. To go along with your improved diet, keep on working out as well. You can mix and match exercises like combining yoga and running, et cetera. A combination is significant so you can create dynamic muscles and work different parts of your body. Sleep, on the other hand does a lot of wonders to our system. Sleep makes you feel better and is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. People who were well rested lose more fat than those who were sleep deprived, according to research.

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