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There’s no better way to learn how to be an ulzzang other than seeing other ulzzangs. If you want to know how to take pretty pictures, you might want to follow these 5’it’ girls from Korea. While they might not be officially labeled as ‘ulzzang’, you can learn a thing or two about posing and editing your pictures. See the list below!

@daxbin (Instagram)

Kim Da-Bin or daxbin on Instagram regularly posts pictures with her boyfriend, of her outfits, or of pretty places in Korea.

@lesusu_ (Instagram)

Lee Su-Jin is a Korea-based blogger. Through her Instagram page, you can learn about Korean makeup and what skin care products she’s using.

 @haneulina (Instagram)

The ulzzang-turn-businesswoman Ha-Neul is now an owner of a lingerie and underwear store.

@bba_na_na (Instagram)

The model is known for her decadent style and odd pictures. And don’t be surprised, despite her exotic features, she’s 100% Korean!

@seojin_ban (Instagram)

The successful shopping shop owner shares her diet, daily life, and of course, her wardrobe from time to time.

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