Showcasing vocal talent

Singing competition shows are always interesting, no matter where you live. In South Korea, singing shows are loved by the public and can be a quite powerful tool to market a certain singer. But apart from that, singing shows are generally entertaining and thus, we have made a list of singing competition shows you need to keep an eye on.

  1. King of Mask Singer (MBC)
    Concept: Singers in mask compete for the King title. The specialty? You won’t know who’s behind the mask until they’re eliminated or when they become the Mask King.
  2. Immortal Songs (KBS)
    Concept: Idols or soloists perform their own version of popular songs sung by the guest of the episode. The guests are usually veteran singers.
  3. Fantastic Duo (SBS)
    Concept: Commoners who dream of having a duet stage with their favorite singer apply to join the show through a mobile app. 3 will appear on the show and only 1 will get to perform the duet.

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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