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First-half of 2017

Time flies! Soon, we’re starting the second half of 2017, and what would be a better way to end the first half other than listing the best K-Pop groups of the first 6 months? Remember, the list doesn’t necessarily reflect a group’s future success, so take it with a grain of salt!

#1 Rookie

Number one male-group rookie would have to go to NCT! Earlier this year, NCT 127 made a comeback as a 9-member group with Limitless,  and on February NCT Dream released their first single album, The First.

#1 Female Group

JYP Entertainment’s pride and joy, Twice, has always been busy ever since their debut. Earlier this year, Twice completed their first concert, released their album with lead single “Knock Knock”, and made a comeback this May with song “Signal”.

#1 Male Group

Bangtan Boys took the crown when it comes to #1 male group for the first half of the year. Their latest album, You Never Walk Alone successfully cemented their position as the K-Pop “it” group. But as EXO is planned to make their comeback later on this year, we can expect both groups go head-to-head for the Best Male Group year-end music award.

Photo credit: Twice and SM Entertainment official facebook page, BTS Japan official fanclub

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