Twice Made an Appearance on Weekly Idol

Twice can’t stop pampering their fans, it seems, since the 9-member girl group made their comeback with ‘Signal’. This time, to promote their latest single, all members made an appearance on Korea’s number one idols-centered variety show, Weekly Idol.

Waist Measuring

The show started pretty intensely, with the MCs suggesting the girls get their waist measured; after seeing member Momo’s thin waist. Her and Tzuyu’s measurement turned out to be 22 inches. The segment, however, sparked controversy among international viewers who deem the measuring unnecessary and cause the members to feel uncomfortable.

Random play dance, Korean beef segment, and ‘Signal’ performance

The show also featured the girls trying to get match their dance moves once any of their songs is randomly played. Then, using hair straighteners, the girls compete to find who can pop kernels the quickest. Check out the rest of the fun here!

Photo credit: Sports Chosun via Naver.
Video credit: Peachy subs via Dailymotion. Original video belongs to MBC Every1.


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